Counseling Team
The goal of the Jones Middle School Counseling Program is to assist students in their academic, social, emotional and career development.  Our mission is to create a warm, inviting, safe environment where all students can feel welcomed and important.  The Jones Middle Counseling Program focuses on three areas of development:

  • Supporting each student’s academic achievement
  • Promoting personal, educational, and career growth through personal prevention and intervention activities
  • Helping students explore education and career choices​            

Media Center
The mission of the Jones Media Center is to empower our students to become lifelong learners and critical thinkers who are college and career ready. The Media Center supports teaching and learning by collaborating with teachers, students and parents to create authentic and relevant learning opportunities. The Media Center provides access to print and digital resources that support content learning, inquiry, critical thinking, pleasure reading, and technology education.

                                                                        Read Across America Day 
                                                                      Visiting Ivy Creek Elementary
                                Author Skype with                                                                                                                                                                    Jordan Romero

Research Collaboration Stations


                                                                                                        (678) 745-2056      

Student Registration
Types of Student Enrollment:

  • Brand New GCPS Student: Never attended GCPS or never assigned a GCPS ID# enrolling at Jones Middle School
  • In-County Transfer Student: Current GCPS student (not from a cluster feeder school) enrolling at Jones Middle School
  • Re-enrolling Student: Attended a GCPS school previously but enrolling in Jones Middle School from another school district

Online registration needs to be completed for any student NEW to Gwinnett County Public Schools who has NEVER attended a GCPS school or NEVER been assigned a GCPS ID#. (Online Link here)

For In-County Transfer Students, a Status Change Form will need to be completed.
For Re-enrolling Students, a paper enrollment form will need to be completed.

**Please call the front office at Jones Middle School at 770-904-5450 to schedule an appointment to finalize the registration process. Documents necessary for student registration are Birth Certificate; Immunization Form #3231; Hearing, Vision, & Dental Form #3300; Proof of Residency to include a copy of mortgage/lease and a copy of a utility bill (gas, water, or electric); Social Security Card; parent ID; a copy of last report card and discipline records.                 (678) 745-2049               FAX (770) 904-5452

Summer Reading


​​​Glenn C. Jones Middle School

Glenn C Jones Middle School Dispensing of Medication Policy
Clinic personnel supervise the administration of medication, access healthcare needs and administer emergency first aid when appropriate. To ensure students safety, please follow medication administration guidelines and fill out appropriate Health Management Plan, so they can be taken care of properly and efficiently.

The faculty and staff of Jones Middle are vitally interested in the health and welfare of all students.  In an efforts to dispense needed medications during school hours, it is important that parents/guardians provide medication in original containers with proper documentation.  No medications will be given to students unless provided by parents/guardians.  No loose pills of any kind will be accepted in a baggie.  

Medicines - Prescription and Non-Prescription - Need to be provided in an original container along with Medication Administration Form.  This form can be obtained from the clinic or the link provided.  All medications not retrieved by the parent at the end of the year will be disposed of by the clinic personnel.

Students are never to have medication in their possession while attending school.  All medicines, (prescription and non-prescription) are to be kept in the clinic and administered there.  Students who are in possession of medication are subject to disciplinary action as outlined in Gwinnett County Public Schools Code of Conduct - Rule 7.

Asthma Inhalers - According to State Bill 472, effective 7/1/02, students may possess and self-administer this medication while at school or at a school sponsored activity only after a parent/guardian has completed a STUDENT ASTHMA ACTION PLAN.  A physician will need to complete a portion of this form before the medication is brought to school.  This form can also be obtained from the school clinic or the link provided.

Health Management forms are to be printed and filled out for your child.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hillary Hill.                 (678) 745-2047                 Fax (770)904-5452


Breakfast and Lunch Programs 
The goal of Glenn C. Jones Middle School’s cafeteria program is to provide high-quality, nutritious meals to our students at a price that is affordable to all. Students purchasing meals are expected to maintain a positive balance in their cafeteria accounts. Students may pay for meals by the day or in advance by the week, month, or year. Please make checks payable to North Gwinnett Middle School Cafeteria. Parents may also use the online account system of MyPaymentsPlus. MyPaymentsPlus allows you to manage your student's meal account online by making deposits at no cost and creating settings to auto-replenish your account or receive free reminders when the balance is low. You can register for an online account at:

Please be aware that students who have exceeded the minimal charges allowed will not receive a full lunch. They will receive an alternate meal until the charges are cleared. For that reason, we ask that all parents ensure their child pays his/her cafeteria bills so that they can enjoy the full selection of lunchroom and breakfast choices. Students who qualify for free or reduced priced meals can apply online at

If you would like to know the menu daily for all levels, download the app Nutrislice.  It gives you the menu (student line only) and nutritional information.                  (678) 745-2067